Commissioning Artwork from Sparrow Papercraft

Thank you for your interest in commissioning an original papercutting! Here’s some information to get you started:

    ***COVID UPDATE: During this difficult time, I understand firsthand the struggles of decreased or cancelled jobs and income. If standard pricing is too much for you PLEASE REACH OUT. I am being as flexible as possible with pricing during this crisis. ***

    The question I get asked the most is about pricing, so I’ll cut to the chase! For most commissions, my pricing starts at $225. Common artwork sizes are 8”x10”, 8”x8”, 11”x14”, but I can do almost any size. Simpler designs may cost less than my typical, more intricate designs. Matting is included in the price if you want the piece matted. Framing is a bit extra, depending on the size and type of frame you’d like. The last expense is shipping – for an unframed piece, this is usually around $15; for a framed piece of the above sizes, it’s usually about $25-30 for ground shipping. I may be able to deliver in South Louisiana for a fee – please inquire if you’d like this option. I require a deposit of half of the artwork price before beginning the piece. We will fully discuss pricing before I get started on the piece so there are no surprises. This deposit is required to reserve your spot in my commission schedule. 

    This price not only includes materials and labor, but the client consultation process. Some clients want to be surprised, but I always provide a pencil sketch, and if you wish, a color sketch, so that we can make sure the piece is exactly what you’re looking for.

    If you’d like a digital file of the piece or an existing piece, and usage rights for commercial or non-commercial usage, please contact me at . 



    I have a list of questions I ask every client to get the commissioning process started. When you contact me, I will send along this list for you to fill out, or you can go ahead and find the list here and include it with your answers in the email you send. I’ve also made a form for you that you can find at the bottom of this page.



    I ask that, if possible, you request your commission at least a month before you need it. The sooner the better! I often have other commissions and obligations lined up and can’t often fulfill a last minute request (though you can ask). I am especially busy during the Christmas holiday season, so if you’re looking to commission a Christmas gift, contacting me a few months in advance is your best chance at getting a piece.



    Click here to see a gallery of past commissions and other work. Note that I never will exactly copy a past piece for a commission. Every commission is unique.

Sound good? Just send me an email to get the process started. If possible, include this list and your answers to speed up the process. You can also use the form below – the form has been glitchy at times though, so if you don’t hear from me within a few days, please feel free to email me directly. Please note that the success notification (or error notification) will appear at the top of the form after you hit “submit.” I look forward to hearing from you!

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