Commission Questionnaire

Please use this as a reference when requesting artwork from Sparrow Papercraft. You can copy and paste it into an email to or use the form on the commission page

1. Subject Matter: What would you like depicted? Do you have source photos you want me to use for inspiration? Are there past pieces of mine that have elements you’d like in your piece?


2. Size: What size will the piece be? Almost all people commission pieces that are 8×8″ or 8×10″ (typically matted to 12×12″ and 11×14″, respectively). Pricing typically starts at $225 for those sizes – standard matting is included in that price (extra for framing and shipping). If you want a larger or smaller size, no worries! Just let me know and I can give you a quote. 

3. Paper: Would you like glossy or matte paper? Almost everything I make, I make with glossy paper. If you prefer, I can use matte paper. Glossy paper is what is most often used in Polish wycinanki, but does reflect light when you’re looking at it or trying to photograph it. Matte paper is less vibrant but provides more “natural” colors. If the piece you want is rather large or has large areas of solid color, I may recommend one or the other based on what paper I have available.


4. Colors: Do you have a preference? Sometimes coloring is obvious based on the subject matter, sometimes clients request a specific color scheme, and most often people trust me to just go for it. Up to you! Just remember that I am limited to the colors the paper I have comes in.

5. Deadline: When do you need it by?

6. Framing/Matting: Would you like a mat and/or a frame for your piece? As I mentioned, I include matting in the price if you’d like it. (Special colors and extra large sizes may be extra). Framing is extra, and depends on the size and quality of the frame. If you want something special or fancy, it’ll be more. Usually at the sizes I mentioned above, I charge about $30 for framing for a basic wood frame.

7. Shipping: Do you have special requirements? Shipping for a framed piece at the average sizes is $25 (UPS ground – takes about a week), and about $15 for an unframed piece (Priority, so 2-3 days). If the piece is really big, or if you need it shipped faster for some reason, it’ll be more.


8. Payment: How would you like to pay? I can accept payment through Venmo, Paypal, Google Pay, credit/debit (via invoice). Once I approve your request for a commissioned piece, I require a deposit of half of the agreed upon price (before shipping) before I get started. I’ll request the other half, and the shipping fee, when the piece is done and ready to ship.